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in malaga, spain he studies theater. in his hometown tangier, the grand theatro cervantes is about to decay.
as a child, ahmed used to play in the ruins of this 100 years old theatre, wich was the largest one in northern africa.
standing on the terrace, ahmed looks over the harbor and describes his fantasie.
in 5 years from now a cafe could be opened. and a theatre space. a space to live, develope and learn. a space for the people of tangier.

we're sitting in the subway, F train brooklyn-coney island.
jessica is an actress, a theater person. every 7 years of her life her family moved between countrys.
from germany to the US, from the US back to germany, and then back again.
she tells me stories about castings with over 200 competitors. about believing in herself.
perhaps even living the american dream. it's a full time job next to her bread acquisition.
we keep on talking about different production conditions, on the live theater of their own imaginative and social theater.
about theater in prisons, and nursing homes. for humans. and about how to create a space for the theatre. it's own space.

the person who receives a role in a broadwayshow, is usually back in the casting queue within 2 months.

buenos aires. autumn in already in the air. 1 1/2 years ago martina arrived in buenos aires. viennese the mag.phil. in her pocket.
5 years without spanish as well. that did not stop her to study acting. on the contrary.
in city full of theaters, armies of actors, people breath theater in this place. we sit on the roof, drink malbec,
talk about the future and fear, the happiness to feel right. fight for something to burn for.

'flukey_spaces' is a documentary project. it follows jessica, martina and ahmed,
 explores the spaces where we create ourselves. after the positioning that we seek.
after the flood in the fall. and after believe more strongly to breathe in it.

PALATIO BAROLO ©alexander ratterNYC ©alexander ratter

palatio barolo, buenos aires/argentina, 2013
subway F train, nyc/usa, 2013
gran teatro cervantes, tangier/morocco 2013
¬© alexander ratter